AIPP WA Epson Photography Awards

Every year the AIPP Every year the AIPP holds the state AIPP WA Epson Professional Photography Awards, the Western Australian awards are locally known as WAEPPA's. And each year photographers gather together there best work to enter these photography awards. It's a time of trepidation, stress, nerves, anticipation, excitement and many other adjectives

Lofoten Landscape Workshop

I am extremely excited and lucky to have been given the opportunity to be working alongside some of Australia's great photographers on a photography workshop in Lofoten, Norway. Come along to the Lofoten Landscape Workshop and see one of the most beautiful places on earth alongside some amazing photographers (and me :P)

Compositing Workshop Perth

Would you be interested in a Compositing Workshop Perth? Over the last couple of months I have had a lot of interest in my creative processes in particular compositing, I've been blown away by the amazing support, encouragement and attention! Some common questions I get asked, how do you blend the images, how do you start, where do you start, what's your inspiration and so on.

Creativity and Photography

Exciting news! I am honoured to have been asked to take part in the AIPP WA Decathlon 2016. If you are interested in seeing 10 amazing WA photographers give a brief 10 minute presentation and get some inspiration for the New Year then check out the AIPP event here and follow the links to purchase your ticket. The ticket also includes dinner, how can you refuse??? My presentation will be "Creativity and Photography - No Boundaries", discussing some of my thoughts and inspirations in relation to my work including landscape, travel and illustrative images.