2017 WA AIPP Epson State Photography Awards

The 2017 WA AIPP Epson State Awards judging and awards were held last week and I am pleased to announce that I was awarded winner for 2017 WA AIPP Illustrative Photographer of the Year for the 2nd year running and a finalist in the landscape category. It was a fantastic photography awards event with amazing and inspirational photographers abound! Congratulations to all the winners, finalists, AIPP Awards Team, judges, print handlers it was an awesome event!

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Photography How To Shoot Aerials - what is there to know? Take a camera up in a plane or helicopter and shoot! Well yes in a nutshell that is about all there is to it! But what can take your images from "another" aerial to another level? What I want to discuss are some of the starting points, setting yourself up for success and not wasting a flight/time/money by not being prepared.

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