• Progress

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    “Earth provides enough to satisfy every mans needs, but not every mans greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
    The way I have presented this image is to demonstrate the way in which we, as humans, interact with the environment and the nature of globalisation and cultural homogenisation. To me, it represents an interesting commentary on the concept of human progress. It was awarded a Gold Distinction at the recent AIPP APPA awards.
  • Road To Nowhere

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    “We know where we are going” ― Road To Nowhere Talking Heads
    The landscape around Kolmanskop, Namibia is wild, dry and windy. A harsh barren landscape that has an amazing beauty and is spotted with hints of human life. Namibia is an isolated and breathtaking landscape with some iconic and beautiful landscapes,  here a new road makes it's mark on the desert heading towards the abandoned diamond mining town of Kolmanskop.