David DuChemin

There is no process so pure that we will ever be free from manipulation. We enjoyed the illusion for a while. But now it’s time to grow up.

— David DuChemin

This is an article that resonated with me, I’m not sure I wish to weigh in on the whole debate of what is photography….. But I do wish to highlight this blog post by David DuChemin, to me he seems the voice of reason. This is a calm, calculated, well thought out post, “Camera’s Don’t Make Photographs” it says everything that needs to be said in my humble opinion.

Photography for me is a mixture of art, reality and more. How I tell my story is not constrained by boundaries, other than my own internal limitations which hopefully I push through and break. Everyone is entitled to pursue there own path and everybody’s path is valid, there is no right or wrong. I wish I had the same eloquence(maybe that’s a work in progress….) that David DuChemin has.

We are not going to like everything in this world, we are not all going to agree on everything. This can be a good thing when thoughts and opinions are developed in a constructive fashion that doesn’t denigrate a fellow human being. I will leave this with another quote from from David DuChemin’s post:

“Because it’s way easier to argue about how a story is told than it is to be the one telling the story or to have something meaningful to say about the actual message.”

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