Would you be interested in a Compositing Workshop Perth? Over the last couple of months I have had a lot of interest in my creative processes in particular compositing, I’ve been blown away by the amazing support, encouragement and attention! Some common questions I get asked, how do you blend the images, how do you start, where do you start, what’s your inspiration and so on. Most of these questions are very difficult to answer without going through an image and showing the stages and steps I’ve taken into creating these pieces and talking about the ideas and concepts behind them. However the possibilities are endless, you are only ever limited by your imagination!

So in light of this I’ve been looking at hosting a 4 Hour Compositing Workshop Perth area for a group of people in early to mid April. I will look to address some of the questions raised above by advancing through each of the steps I have taken showing you the development of my images and discuss the inspirations and concepts behind them. My aim is to provide you with some new skills and inspiration for creations!

If you are interested in this workshop, please register using the form below. Once all the details have been finalised I will email you before the official release with a special discount offer!!

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