Every year the AIPP holds the state AIPP WA Epson Professional Photography Awards, the Western Australian awards are locally known as WAEPPA’s. And each year photographers gather together there best work to enter these photography awards. It’s a time of trepidation, stress, nerves, anticipation, excitement and many other adjectives, some of which should not be written…..All photographers put there best foot forward when entering but if nothing else the feedback and camaraderie in the photographic community is worth entering even if we don’t attain the awards we are striving for.

This may sound conceited but I do love the images I entered for judging however it is hard to detach emotionally and constructively look at your work which is why the judging can be so invaluable. This year, the same as last year, I entered 12 images – 4 illustrative, 4 landscape and 4 travel. Over two days I sat with my heart in my mouth and watched all the prints go up before our photographic peers. The emotional rollercoaster it is a time of rapid heart rates, sweating, elation, terror and excitement. After winning the AIPP WA Creative Professional Photographer of the Year 2015 I felt quite sure that this year could not attain the same heights especially when aware of the judging changes and the increased standards the judges are asked to uphold. So as my prints were judged and my scores started to trickle in I was blown away with my results! What exactly were these results? Well let me share them with you now :)2016 AIPP WA Illustrative Professional Photographer of the Year

Illustrative – 1 Gold Distinction, 2 Silver Distinctions, 1 Silver
Landscape – 1 Gold, 1 Silver Distinction, 2 Silvers
Travel – 1 Silver Distinction, 2 Silvers

As if the results above could get any better the icing on the cake…..I was awarded 2016 AIPP WA Illustrative Photographer of the Year….mind blown!! It’s so hard to accurately articulate the emotions of all this but needless to say I am over the moon (possible theme for new creative piece!??!)….